Silesian University of Technology (SUT), Gliwice, Poland

The project will be implemented using Virtual Flight Laboratory (VFL), which is exceptional in Europe. Its potential has been already used in 7FP EU projects such as SHERPA, HEDGE NEXT (both from Galileo call) and EGALITE (Industry-Academia Partnership and Pathways). However, in none of these already completed projects, the whole VR infrastructure of VFL has been used in research focused directly on innovative technology for flight simulators. Previously, VFL was used in experiments for GNSS deployment in European aviation sector. Currently, WrightBroS project will utilise VFL in research, which is the core of interests of its manager, Prof. K.A. Cyran – advances in flight simulators technology.

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LG Nexera Business Solutions (NXR), Vienna, Austria

Involvement of NXR to Consortium will make possible to significantly increase impact of the action toward non-aviation sectors by using universal procedural knowledge processing approach and to supply the expert knowledge to such knowledge management component. The advantage of the latter is reusability of the whole AR-based maintenance and service system in other industries after acquisition of the domain expert knowledge to the same knowledge management component. Such advantageous approach requires NXR as a partner with verified expertise in complex commercial data management systems.

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Virtual Reality Media (VRM), Trencin, Slovakia

VRM is the European professional manufacturer of flight simulators, whose staff will participate in research and innovations toward development of technologically radical product by using advanced AR methods. VRM will assure compliance with aviation standards and certification what will complement SUT’s deep knowledge on advances in fields technologically required for the innovation such as fault detection, image recognition and AR models.

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