Events during the WrightBroS project

Participation in the Night of Scientists at the Silesian University of Technology

This year, the Night of Scientists at the Silesian University of Technology took place on Saturday, 12 of October from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM. Many attractions for both, "the little and the big ones" have been prepared for this event. During the night our guests took part in nearly 120 presentations, which were prepared by specialized and qualified academic staff from the Silesian University of Technology. Participants had the opportunity to experience the night of science, which was  dominated by games and plays, laboratory presentations, scientific experiments, and issues from the world of science and the humanities. It included: physical, chemical, electronic, mechanical and mining presentations, as well as unique dance classes and opportunities to get to know German, English, Russian, French or Chinese culture. The Virtual Flying Laboratory VFL was a special attraction of the event. It consisted of two large training professional flight simulators,  which in size resembled fuselages and 10 smaller flight simulators. This has enabled participants to feel like pilots.

The thematic school on knowledge management systems

Between 26-27  of September 2019 took place  the first thematic  school on knowledge management systems at the company's headquarters LG Nexera in Vienna. The event was under auspices of the Silesian University of Technology and LG Nexera company. The purpose of meeting was to  intensify international collaboration with our partners and discuss the practices, the methods and the solutions regarding knowledge management and neural networks.

The subjects of the thematic school included i.a.:

  • clever algorithms;
  • deep learning;
  • details matter;
  • neural networks;
  • successful method for collaborative knowledge management;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • knowledge visualization;
  • data driven value creation;
  • secure SDLC;
  • context-sensitive output encoding.

The event was officially opened by the Thomas Geretschlaege and was following the Agenda. In the meeting took part the experts from the University, members of student Scientific Club "Virtual Fly VFly” and students of faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science.

During the thematic school, the staff from the Silesian University of Technology and the representatives of IT industry, who were invited by the host Institution, presented key issues in the field of knowledge management in computer science domain.

Visit in Museum of Technology

On 24th July, the participants of the Secondment visited the Museum of Technology  in Vienna. During the trip, team of the project could discover, experience and reflect on different fields of technology and its history, especially history of the  Wright flyer.  Additionally, it was a great opportunity to vocational integration and to know each other better.

The Vienna Museum of Technology  was opened in 1918 and it  aims to communicate technical principles. Its collection follows a "learning by doing" approach, and additionally historical exhibits, many of them unique, are showcased in their cultural context. Knowledge is tranferred in an accesible, and sometimes even fun way, that makes it possible to get to easy grip with technology.

The building has been divided into many sections as per the subjects and periods of history such as:

  • Nature and Knowledge: astronomy, principals, physics;
  • Heavy industry: mining, iron, steel;
  • Energy;
  • Mass production - luxury goods;
  • Everyday life - directions for use;
  • Communications and information media;
  • Musical instruments;
  • Transport;
  • Basic Research - A great adventure.

In this time, the participants had the opportunity to follow the locomotive presentation  in which  it was possible to explain how a steam locomotive functions and where the steam derives its power from to move this heavy vehicle. There was also the large exhibition dedicated to  aviation. Therefore, the visitors had the chance to see aircraft engine of Wright Brothers and Lilienthal storm wing model. In Museum of Technology the storm flight model is one of five Lilienthal gliders still in existence worldwide, and the only one of its kind. The other storm flight models are to be found in London, Moscow, Washington and Munich.


Kickoff - Meeting - 14.01.19

The first event which took place within the WrightBroS project was Kickoff Meeting. Representatives of all Beneficiaries, together with selected higher staff of the project (mostly Work Package Leaders) have met in Trencin, Slovakia in premises of Virtual Reality Media (VRM). During the meeting, Management and Scientific Boards were established. Also, the selection of first secondees has been done. In addition, the teleconference with the Project Officer from REA, Brussels has been conducted. Finally, Participants discussed the research and innovation content of the project, defined the first steps and visited work space in VRM, where flight simulators are manufactured.